Friday, December 18, 2009

REVIEW : Worth The Rush ?

Surely you've seen it , someone pulls out a tube lip gloss with the words "beauty rush " embedded. Seems a little cliché. Plus 7 dollars a lip gloss is pretty pricey especially in these economic times so is Beauty Rush really worth it ?


Why? Well apart from these being amazing shades that are highly pigmentated. Each lip gloss is flavored to relate to the name for example my favorite " Hot Cocoanut "

taste like a not over bearing chocolate with a little spicy [ the coconut ] taste. Also It has a pretty good staying power with one application lasting me about 3 hours without having to reapply however after a while it does change from the fresh applied wet feeling to a more tacky consistency. Things I don't like ? The applicator and tube I'm much more a fan of a bottle than a tube lipgloss and also the applicator is slant-tip and I think a sponge lip-gloss applicator is much easier to apply to your lips especially the corners but all in all I think everybody should try this and it makes a great stocking stuffer !

Rating : 4 / 5

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