Sunday, December 20, 2009


[ definition provided by urban dictionary ]- A combination of jeans and leggings.
Those look like skinny jeans but they look like leggings. They must be jeggings.

Skinny jeans are in. Skinny jeans are quite possibly the best invention in the world. Jeggings are a combination of your favorite pair of skinnies and basic leggings. The Difference ? There typically not cut off like leggings are and there more form fitting than skinny jeans. They also typically are pull up pants and don't have a button nor a zipper . These are jeans with a high fashion twist so some might find them intimidating. I'll show you ways to tone them down or dress them up !

Option #1 : "Just Chillin"

Option #2 : Dress To Impress

Option #3 : " Family Time "

So what do you think , have you tried jeggings / will you try them now or are they not your style ? comment below.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Straight, Sleek Hair always looks good. It looks prim and polished and is a great look for everyday. But with my curly crazy hair that can be kind of difficult. So I decided to try out a new flat iron , The Cortex Platinum Collection Zebra Print Flat Iron [ 1 1/2 inch ]

Cortex Platinum Collection Zebra Print Flat Iron (1-1/2")
So I was shopping at my local T.J. Maxx and glanced over and saw this flat iron , I didn't get too excited because it was 30.00 and I didn't think it would be of good quality and used to spending at least 50 dollars for a quality flat iron that can get the job done without frizzing up in a day. Well I WAS WRONG ! This flat iron normally retails for 100+ but T.J.Maxx ( and their great discounts ) marked it to 30 dollars brand new! [ By the way in case you didn't know T.J. Maxx is a department store that gets overstocked brand new brand name products such as Dooney and Burke, and Michael Kors and marks them down . If you don't have a T.J. Maxx check for a Marshall's because they are basically the same store , owned by the same company. ] If you can't find T.J. Maxx or Marshalls , BeautyChoice.Com has a great price on this iron here.


  • Sleek, ergonomic design with non-slip grip
  • Heats to maximum temperature swiftly and remains constant throughout use
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling - Long cord so you dont have to look for a nearby plug .
  • Hooked end for easy hanging and storage
  • Variable temperature settings for all hair types - If you have more damaged/ thinner pieces you can turn down the heat and turn it up for your thicker pieces of hair .
  • 110-120 volts, 60Hz
  • Temperature gauge offers ranges from 140˚ F to 410˚ F - 410 degrees will straighten even the curliest longest hair .
  • 90 watts
  • 1 year warranty
  • ITS ZEBRA PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cons:
    • I don't like that the temperature control isn't buttons however the great thing is it is not outside the flat iron so your hands wont accidentally bump it while doing your hair.

    Rating : 5/5

    Whats your favorite hair straightener ? comment below and tell me !

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    REVIEW : Worth The Rush ?

    Surely you've seen it , someone pulls out a tube lip gloss with the words "beauty rush " embedded. Seems a little cliché. Plus 7 dollars a lip gloss is pretty pricey especially in these economic times so is Beauty Rush really worth it ?


    Why? Well apart from these being amazing shades that are highly pigmentated. Each lip gloss is flavored to relate to the name for example my favorite " Hot Cocoanut "

    taste like a not over bearing chocolate with a little spicy [ the coconut ] taste. Also It has a pretty good staying power with one application lasting me about 3 hours without having to reapply however after a while it does change from the fresh applied wet feeling to a more tacky consistency. Things I don't like ? The applicator and tube I'm much more a fan of a bottle than a tube lipgloss and also the applicator is slant-tip and I think a sponge lip-gloss applicator is much easier to apply to your lips especially the corners but all in all I think everybody should try this and it makes a great stocking stuffer !

    Rating : 4 / 5

    Do you like Beauty Rush Products? Comment below and tell me !

    Saturday, December 12, 2009


    I've been really busy lately and haven't blogged on schedule in forever. So I decided I'll start over! If there's a post you loved and miss , no worries just comment and I will repost.